Poker Tournament, which is The Best Land or Online?

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Tournament, it is a battle between two or more people compete for one game, in sports, or in gambling activity, as they say strongest man will stay, or may the best man win. A kind of tournament or competition which happen anytime and anywhere in our real lives, home, offices such as your making a competition or battle for the promotion, or even in the school like game, or sports activity with classmate, a tournament is our companion in all of situation. Tournament means, you should provide an extra knowledge and strategy for any competition or battle with a group or one another to win the fight.  Your whole self, must be in present in the game, such as concentration as well.

pokerOne of the popular tournament is the gambling tournament, which is new and recently emerged and become popular to all people. Why and how? Because many people patronize gambling activity, and enjoyed it a lot because of money, but the main reason is the increase of popularity of poker in TV and media. Many people are addictive to the video poker game and most of the time they gamble, that’s why media known that if they aired about it, it will rise quickly. And now, since the popularity of this poker tournament rise quickly it has now two categories the land based poker tournament and Online based poker tournament.

Land Based Poker Tournament

In a land based poker tournament, you must go to any casino site physically to play the game. You must have dressed well to be appropriated with others. Somehow going there can be entertaining because of the new environment. It’s kind of fun, coz you will going to meet and socialize with some people. You will see the actual battle of tournament and you will know who are your contender in game. Somehow, land based tournament is kind of expensive and distracting, why? There are lots of games that you cannot focused because you also want to play with other game, the outfit of the girls there that you turn your head. You will attempt to drink and to smoke, and to play more. Land based casino is fun, but it is kind of costly. If you think of advantage of it, you will also find out that there are lots of disadvantage and it will turn you to stay at home and play at home thru online instead.

 Online Based Poker Tournament

Online Poker Tournament rise, coz many people find it more convenient than land based. There are lots of bonuses offers upon registration on every sites. Another advantage is that when you play poker online from the comfort of your own home, you are better able to concentrate on your poker game. Concentration is very important when playing poker, but it can be very distracting if you are surrounded by hustle and bustle and people looking over your shoulder, pointing and making comments the whole time. This is what often occurs in land-based poker casinos, but it can’t happen when you play poker in an online poker casino. Winning at poker is always a satisfying experience, and winning big is even better. But if you want to win really really, really big at poker, the only way to do it is to play a progressive jackpot poker game. These games — Caribbean Draw Poker, Poker Ride, and Progressive Cyberstud Poker — offer jackpots of many thousands of credits for a Royal Flush, but you can’t find them in any land-based casino. Playing poker online is the key to winning the huge progressive poker jackpots.

pokerTips for Poker Tournament

Study all the aspect and instruction of the game, being a player in a poker tournament you should know and memorize all the technique on how to win the battle. You should be ready before you start the battle and compete with others. Prove you’re a winning player, you should impress and be genius that your contender will excite about the tournament.  Be realistic, once you’ve ascertained that you’re a winning poker player, it’s time to begin trying to figure out how many hands or tournament you’ll need to play in order at least to match your previous salary. Here’s where many people fail. Play in a professional play, when you started in any completion your mind should be in game, for you to win the battle you need to focus and think properly. You should act professional, you should be disciplined in your way and act to be an expert in competition.

Since everyone gets to play the early stages of almost every tournament, this is the part in which all players have the most experience, feel the most comfortable and have a lot of chips in relation to the blinds. Everyone’s on an equal footing and it’s hard to find anyone looking to gamble. People in this stage are rarely looking to get it all in with anything but the nuts. If you find a player willing to play a large pot, they either have the nuts, they’re looking to gamble or they’re trying to build a big stack early through sheer aggression. More often than not, though, they have the goods. The standard approach to playing in this stage is to play very ABC tight-aggressive poker. It makes no sense to make big moves to steal the blinds, since the blinds are worth relatively nothing compared to the size of your stack. The idea is to make it through the early stage with average or above chips, giving you room to maneuver as you enter the middle stage.

Poker tournament can bring a lot of excitement and fun, wherever you choose to play, thru land based tournament or online tournament you should be prepared and ready yourself, stay focus and avoid to distract from any distractions to win the battle.  You should understand on how it works for you to play it properly.